Oxidization and tarnish can happen to any metal, so clean your jewelry as needed. Metals such as Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, and Stainless Steel can be polished to restore shine with any jewelry polish that suits the metal type. We offer polishing cloths which can be purchased here.

For longer lasting wear, we recommend removing your jewels before entering water and wipe down after each use to remove body oils from the jewelry. 


Stretch bracelets can stretch out over time. For longer lasting tighter fit, remove/ put on one bracelet at a time to avoid excessive stretching. If your bracelets stretch out over time, we offer repair services! Please see our jewelry repairs section. 


Gold-plated - Gold-plating is a thin layer of solid gold applied to a base metal. The gold plating shine will wear off over time leaving the wire a duller gold than it was originally. It does not stand up to heat or water. Recommend you take off any jewelry prior to showering or washing hands. It will not turn your finger green or leave a black mark on your finger. It's simply an affordable alternative to gold-filled wire!

Gold-filled - Gold-filled is not to be confused with solid gold. It is made of several layers of 14k gold plating with a much thicker plating and thinner base metal. Gold filled wire is tarnish resistant and does not flake off, turn colors, or lose it's shine!

Stainless Steel -  Most of our products are made with HGE stainless steel, which is heavy grade electroplating over surgical stainless steel, this gives the metal its gold coloring. It is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. 

Tarnish resistant - This term means the metal is resistant to wear, but like any plated metal, the plating can be worn down over time. We are not responsible for replacing your items if they tarnish.

Please note, some people are very sensitive to metals that are not pure. We do not use pure metals, and we do our best to be transparent with all the materials we are using! Read details carefully before purchasing.

To ensure your pieces last, please do not expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals such as perfume, lotions, saltwater, pool chlorine or any household cleaning liquids.  


Like anything we purchase, your jewelry can break. Most of our jewelry is handmade, so please handle your jewelry with care! We understand the disappointment when your jewelry gets damaged or needs repairing. We will do what we can do help resolve the issue!

  • If you have an item that needs repairing, please contact us via email at
  • Include your date of purchase, pictures, and an explanation of what's broken.
  • If your jewelry breaks after the return/ exchange period, we are not responsible for replacing or repairing your broken items.
  • We do charge small fees for repairs, and each repair will vary. Fees will be discussed prior to any work being done.
  • Some items are irreparable.