Our Jewelry is Designed with you in mind

We believe that details matter and accessories complete your look. With a sophisticated standout style, our jewelry will coordinate with any ensemble and is designed to be worn dressed up or dressed down. We aim to create pieces that travel with you on whatever adventure life is currently taking you on and help you feel confident accentuating Your beauty! Wear your jewels from the office to happy hour - We've got something for every occasion!



We aim to exceed our customer's expectations in quality, value, and service. Making our jewelry affordable and sustainable has been our goal since day one. We pride ourselves on being honest, fair, and ethically responsible creating pieces that will last and uphold its quality for some time, without breaking the bank!



The materials we use, for both our products and packaging, are recyclable and ethically sourced. We primarily use stainless steel and gold filled metal, both of which are hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, and recyclable. Our packaging includes poly mailers, card stock, paper bags, and gold embossed gift boxes, and is also recyclable. We care a great deal about the environment, and want to do our part in making sure we reduce waste!



Most of our market displays come from upcycled materials found in thrift stores or they're completely handmade by us! We love a good bargain hunt as much as we love opportunities to get creative! With a little creative vision we find reusable materials all around us to make unique displays for our products. The wooden pieces we use to display our bracelets came from a tree that fell in a storm in our neighborhood! Who would have thought there were FREE props and display materials all around us?! We frequently use dried greenery found literally in the street or on the curb waiting to be picked up as trash! The more you know :)