Wired by ALP

Big & Lil Ring Set


Our wire lettering is unique and very much like the owners handwriting. These rings are 100% handmade and made to order. They are unlike any other wire rings out there!

This listing comes with three rings as a set including 1 big, 1 lil, and 1 Gbig. Each ring is made to fit and comes with it's own ring box.

Select metal + ring sizes from drop down menu. If custom sizes are needed, leave a note with your order at check out! If you don't see the note section at check out, simply email us with your order # + the ring sizes you need :) Wiredbyalp@gmail.com

Example of note or email: Big = size 6, Lil = size 5, Gbig = size 8

Choose your wire material: Gold Plated (GP) or Gold Filled (GF)

Gold-plated – Gold-plating is a thin layer of solid gold applied to a brass base. The gold plating shine will wear off over time leaving the wire a duller gold than it was originally. It does not stand up to heat or water. Recommend you take off any jewelry prior to showering or washing hands. It will not turn your finger green or leave a black mark on your finger. It's simply an affordable alternative to gold-filled wire!

Gold-filled - Gold-filled is not to be confused with solid gold. It is made of several layers of 14k gold plating with a much thicker plating and thinner base metal. Gold filled wire is tarnish resistant and does not flake off, turn colors, or lose it's shine!

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